Grim Reeps UK

Brand New

Thanks to us!

Since 2017 Grim Reeps has been back on Reverbnation.com – In which we set out on a campaign as dedicated fans to bump him up into the charts. We did this but didn’t expect our results. Grim has appeared top of the Reverbnation charts both regionally and locally and hasn’t been bumped down for more than months.

We’re the dedicated fan club. together we’ve formed a collective that celebrates the works of artist Grim Reeps. We hope that with our help we can make him more than a success. We can’t do it alone though, so if you’re a fan of his work you can join in and be apart of our growing group.

Grim Reeps performing Get G.R.I.M (acoustic)

Un be known to some Grim Reeps was one of the first rapping guitar playing talents out there. His live performances took the UK by storm during the late 2000s. Another little known fact is Grim Reeps is actually a bit of a metal head and loves punk music. As a drummer and rhythm guitarist he has had great success in the rock scene. Being a diverse addition to any studio project has clearly been his focus. find out more fun facts about Grim by clicking here.